Q-FOX is a trading company with a high quality product portfolio working with different countries around the world. The products sold by Q-FOX are not only of premium quality but also affordable. Our employees are experts and competent in their fields, and at the same time, they enable customers to reach the right solutions in a short time with their experience and technical knowledge in the sector.

With the integration of technological developments into our lives day by day, the industrial products sector is also experiencing significant progress. Taking advantage of advanced technology is one of the most important methods used by companies that want to increase their efficiency and profit rates. Q-FOX enables its customers to make the right choice by following new technology and, more importantly, the constant changes in the industry. In this way, companies can identify the right products for themselves and reach their targets in a shorter time with reasonable expenditures.

Q-FOX has partners in many countries around the world in order to improve its services. In this way, advanced industrial products in different countries are closely followed, and customers with different needs are responded to ideally.

We are always one step ahead with the advanced trading solutions that our customers need. As Q-FOX, we provide qualified and technical products in the industry sector. Thanks to our company policies aiming at maximum customer satisfaction, the trading solutions we offer are favoured by companies.


Q-FOX offers a multi-brand approach, with product information and fast delivery opportunities; our team guarantees that customers can have the right choice for them. Our industrial products have a wide portfolio and our large number of partners around the world allows us to keep up with the technology and not compromise on high quality.


What Q-FOX does best is to provide trading solutions for its clients. To purchase products, you can browse our comprehensive catalogue through our website and take advantage of our high integration and well-planned supply chain. We are confident to offer the best for our customers.

Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated employees in their fields. In this way, you can get the most accurate answer to your questions and have the privilege of reaching the most suitable trading solutions for your goals in a short time.

Why Choose Us?

Q-FOX is dedicated to creating high quality and affordable trading solutions for industrial products, helping its customers achieve their goals, and making a difference with its innovative approach. Our experienced and competent team in the sector makes it possible for us to identify requests of customers at an advanced level. In this way, we try to provide better solutions to our customers by identifying their unmet needs. Our progressive approach covers up-to-date marketing techniques and emerging technology.

We are able to interact with our customers easily and seamlessly; therefore, we not only understand customer needs in detail but also enable them to use their budgets in the most efficient way. Things change constantly, we are aware of this, and we are constantly improving ourselves to keep up with the changes.

Working with different countries around the world has a vital role in providing more effective service. We are able to provide quality service in the international arena with our team that can speak different languages, while at the same time we have a deep understanding of cultural issues.

The answer to the question of why you should choose us is listed below.

Attention to Details

Attention to detail is extremely important to Q-FOX, because it takes small steps to achieve something big. For this reason, our team always pays attention to the details, giving importance to timelines, project planning and follow-up.

Expert and Competent Team

Our team consists of experts and competent people in the field. In this way, each of our customers finds interlocutors from whom they can receive reliable information. At the same time, customers can quickly access the ideal solution for their needs.


Our prices are always fair and competitive. Our customers do not have to deal with surprise invoices and additional costs. We follow our ethical understanding of pricing.

Being planned and organized

Working with a plan is the most accurate way to reach the goal. Understanding the goals and needs of our customers and following the plan we have created in terms of serving makes it possible for us to work effectively and achieve results in a short time.


We use our creativity to identify the right solution for companies. Our background in strategic planning and in-depth study of each topic allow us to examine trading solutions from a creative perspective.

Following Regulations

Governments are increasing compliance measures and regulations for industrial products. While it is important that regulations increase this much, it can be difficult and challenging for companies to implement them correctly. Q-FOX provides the necessary controls to ensure that the products comply with the regulation.

Focus on Innovation

Being aware of the developing technology and focusing on innovation are among our top priorities. Adaptation of industrial products to technology enables companies to achieve higher productivity levels more easily.

True Partners

Having true partners makes it possible for us to direct and manage the process in the best way possible. Establishing the right collaborations in the sector and targeting the best in B2B solutions enables Q-FOX to promote.

Global Know-How

As Q-FOX we are one step ahead of our competitors with global know-how, and in this way, we can provide better services to our customers. Customers of Q-FOX who receive service from us trust us to a great extent.